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Digital Labs: Uses and Famous Digital Labs

What is a Digital Lab?

A digital lab is a lab that is entirely digital. In the tech business, a digital lab provides access to real devices and browsers with the help of an automation interface to support the seamless development of mobile and web apps. Any business that wants to thrive should invest in a digital lab as it helps in innovation. This is especially true for business in tech, as continuous accelerated innovation is the catalyst for success.

Uses of a Digital Lab:

Capable of Handling vast amounts of Data:

In the new digital age, demands for new services and products are frequently increasing as customer expectations are proliferating. As such, those who want their companies to succeed need to seamlessly translate the new opportunities facilitated by digitalization into their forward-looking business models. But the evolutionary, disruptive development of business models is often a massive challenge for these companies throughout all sectors, as it ties up many resources, including those required for daily operations. The vast amount of data that would be generated by concurring with the demand of the population can be dexterously handled by a digital lab.

Cloud Storage and Interconnectivity:

The future of digital labs in cloud storage and interconnectivity as digital labs existing at different locations can coherently communicate with each other. The Digital Lab is the first step toward digital transformation in companies.

Supporting a Global Team:

With people increasingly preferring remote jobs and choosing flexible hours, supporting a global team has become essential for the success of any company. Digital lab operation has to be expanded to include around-the-clock service to support this distributed team. This allows the units to run automated tests outside of the average 8-hour workday.

Risk-Free Innovations:

One significant benefit of the digital labs is that it offers room to experiment with future business models in a completely risk-free environment. Software developers, IT experts, and engineers need a place where they can come together, create ideas, and test prototypes for new online services and digital products.

Risks associated with a digital lab:

One of the significant risks associated with employing a digital lab is the safe processing and handling of your company data. Digital labs produce an enormous amount of data that needs to be managed correctly. You can collect your data to the extent that your company is already digitalized. Some digital labs might also want to integrate their central software with other third-party software for a seamless operation. We are also entering the IoT world, where all digital devices are seamlessly connected. The data flow from devices to the cloud, where they are automatically processed. This complete dependence on the cloud can put an additional risk to your company data.

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Famous Digital Labs in the World: 

Microsoft Research Lab – AI: This lab makes use of machine intelligence in exciting ways to empower people and organizations, helping people be more efficient and productive. It brings together talents across the world to deliver ground-breaking advances in AI. This initiative brings together advances in machine learning with innovations in human-computer interaction and computer vision to solve some present-day challenges in AI.

IBM Research: IBM Research lab located in Ireland aims to improve the results for clients and discover the possible areas of development in the IoT domain and artificial intelligence. IBM AI Research also offers a toolkit designed to identify and remove bias in artificial intelligence.

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory: This is the largest on-campus Laboratory for Computer Science and AI by MIT. Its research activities are organized around a number of semi-autonomous research groups headed by one or more professors or research scientists. These research groups focus on topics such as AI, Computational biology, Language and learning, Graphics, Robotics, among many others.

J.P. Morgan Research Lab: This is based in New York, and the lab’s goal is to explore and advance cutting-edge research in the fields of AI and Machine Learning, along with the fields of Cryptography, to develop solutions that are most impactful for the world.