9. Digital Breakfast

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HSR Hochschule für
Technik Rapperswil

30. März 2021
08:30 to 10:30

The Future of digital
is made here. By you!

DigitalLab@OST is a workspace to make your ideas of the future become reality

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Project Image

First-of-kind physical lab

DigitalLab@OST is an EcoSystem for Applied Digitalization. It offers new creators rapid innovation execution as a service - across strategy, technology, and design, combining in-depth industry & technology expertize with applied science.

Find Out How
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Vision + Implementation

Our key goal is to facilitate rapid Digital Execution for the Swiss Industries, across manufacturing, precision technology, to retail industry and more.

Imagine a space where Science, Digital & IT meet Industry to offer a platform to experience digitalization and execute Digital Innovation at speed and scale. An environment, where enterprises can count on the right allies to overcome limitations in innovating and reinventing themselves. In other words a partnership that brings rich eco-system and helps enterprises to be Digital.

Unmatched Expertise

Vast experience meets
ambitious vision.

Experience Digitalization

understand and evaluate technologies towards feasible and scalable solutions for the industry

Drive Digital

to review your business model and leverage all relevant digital possibilities by combining Hardware, Software and Data

Enable ”Co-Creation”

between corporations, academia, industry experts and partners

Bundle Broad Technology Competence

to innovate and solve customer problems

Orchestrate Eco Systems

to drive partnerships to multiply competencies, innovate and benefit from synergies

Prototype and reflect experience

«what works vs. what does not work» in a fast, agile approach

Ensure rapid results

by seamless collaboration with your customers

Ensure efficient creation

of ideas, prioritization and fast prototyping by implementing novel innovation methods and processes

How do I turn my idea into a product without having the Know-how?

What challenges do swiss companies face nowadays?

How to effectively run digital product development vs. the typical, long R&D cycles in the Industry?

Through “Digital Acupuncture”, the DigitalLab@OST digitally augments ordinary products, processes and services to offer new and unique experiences to your customers – at local and global scale.

Besides developing new, how to retrofit existing products and make them Digital-ready?

Our Digital Maturity Model provides clear prioritization and enables the DigitalLab@OST to boost digital agility through rapid prototyping and enabling rapid digital innovation.

How to reduce the price of a product by applying technical re-engineering, whilst maintaining the Swiss Quality expectations?

With an objective to turn an economically non-viable product into profitable opportunity, DigitalLab@OST takes non-traditional approaches in technological innovations.

How to identify, test and adopt new business models & develop strategies guided by true understanding of your clients?

This is where the DigitalLab@OST leverages anthropological skills putting human to the center of Digital and following Henry Ford’s approach of observing rather than asking.

How to manage Data as a perishable asset in achieving success with Digital?

Understanding customers at a micro level by constantly mining data for insights is what the DigitalLab@OST takes use of to enable companies make strategic decisions and drive better outcomes.

How to digitalize and re-invent operations and reduce operational costs?

Through robotics, applying Artificial Intelligence and further groundbreaking technologies the DigitalLab@OST inspires new way of working for the Swiss Enterprise.

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Team Digital

At the DigitalLab@OST, you will be accompanied by highly capable researchers and makers that will join forces with your teams co-creating your digital journey.

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Prof. Dr. Roman Haenggi

Leiter DigitalLab@OST, Produktionsmanagement Professor, Institutspartner IPEK
Simon Erdmann

Leiter DigitalLab@OST,
Digital Business Leader Cognizant
Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli

Founding Partner DigitalLab@OST und Professor für Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit Fokus auf Produktionsmanagement

Whitepapers & Videos

Media & Whitepapers

Latest thoughts from the team.

Im Fokus: Wie Produktionsbetriebe von der Blockchain profitieren können

Eine verständliche Einführung in die Blockchain Technologie.

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Die Digitalisierung umsetzen.

Der Fokus: Schweizer Unternehmen bei der Entwicklung, Transformation und Modernisierung auf lokaler, regionaler und globaler Ebene unterstützen.

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The work Ahead
The work ahead Europe’s Digital Imperative

A research series providing insight and guidance on how businesses – and jobs – will evolve in the digital economy.

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Contact Us

Let's share ideas

Experience digitalization at our premises located within the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil. Just drop us an email, phone call or you can stop by the HSR building 3, first floor, room 3.109.

Simon Erdmann: +41 79 397 66 31
Prof. Dr. Roman Hänggi: +41 79 312 12 03
HSR Building Nº3
1st. Floor, Room 3.109

DigitalLab@OST is possible thanks to our partners: